NBA Meets Blake High School Basketball

(12/07/01) -- Former NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins was recently in town and stopped by Holland & Knight to meet with the Blake High School basketball team.  The boys were thrilled to meet this great player!  Dominique shared some of his life experiences including his desire to excel in high school and college and fielded questions from the students. Coach told us that this opportunity inspired positive changes in attitudes on and off the court.  Coverage of question/answer time at Holland & Knight was published by the Tampa Tribune!  Special Thanks to James Morrison for making this a very special event.    

Blake High School, one of H&K's Opening Doors programs in Tampa, is a newly constructed magnet school in Hillsborough County.  Fifty percent of the students are from all over the county and attend the Performing Arts Curriculum, while the other 50% are liberal arts students from the surrounding community. H&K volunteers work with students at Blake throughout the year on many projects.

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NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins visited with Blake
High School's basketball team.

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                             Autographs are exciting!

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But words of wisdom are important.

Wilkins shared his experiences with
the team and answered their questions.

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Lasting memories for these young